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Olive Tomate was a member of Willie the Fifth's criminal organization. She was a slender woman with short dark hair. She had prominent lips and cheekbones.

Olive disliked Willie the Fifth's "legal counsel" Flyface and often complained about the flies that the man attracted.

Olive was an accomplice to Willie the Fifth's kidnapping of the police woman Lizz and her attempted murder. She was loyal to Willie throughout his subsequent dealings until Dick Tracy and the police arrived at Fifth's hideout to arrest the gang.

When Fifth engaged in a standoff with police in an attempt to protect himself from arrest, Olive (who had been taken into police custody) became angry that Fifth hadn't included her in his plan. Later, she was shown in a jail cell, refusing to speak with police without her attorney.

Olive was not included in Willie the Fifth and Flyface's jailbreak, and there was no indication that she had any further dealings with them.