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Olga (last name unrevealed) was a doctor who specialized in heart transplantation. She was uncommonly tall and had a curvaceous figure. She head light hair and dark eyebrows.

Olga had perfected a method of removing a human heart from a body and storing it in a vessel that would keep the heart alive. She then could transplant the heart into another body at whatever time she chose.

Ally of Orta[]

Olga became associated with Dr. Orta, who was also conducting heart transplantation experiments. She removed the heart of the athlete "Pigskin" Parson, expecting that Orta would pay her $6,000 and provide her with the heart of his adult foster son Smallmouth Bass (who was also a participant in the organ harvesting scheme) for her own experiments.

Parsons' heart was discovered by the authorities before Smallmouth Bass could collect it for Orta. Olga insisted on being paid, and she informed Smallmouth that Orta had planned to extract Smallmouth's heart and give it to her. Smallmouth rebelled against Orta and brought him to Olga. Olga removed Orta's heart, killing him.

Olga's Master Plan[]


At this point, Olga revealed to Smallmouth that she had already succeeded in transplanting a youthful, vigorous heart into an older body, that of the 91-year old man known as the General. Olga intended to make young hearts available to the wealthy and powerful, including those world leaders whose values aligned with her own.

Olga and Smallmouth prepared to destroy the evidence of their involvement with Dr. Orta. They rented a car (from a company that Smallmouth had used previously) and went to a secluded barn in the woods where Olga kept an incinerator. Dick Tracy (who had traced Smallmouth's connection to the car rental service) had hidden in the trunk of the car and he confronted the villains. Tracy killed Smallmouth Bass in a shootout, but was subdued by Olga and left to die in the burning barn. Olga then fled.

Sam Catchem and Junior arrived after getting Tracy's location from him via Tracy's 2-Way Wrist Radio. they rescued him from the barn and pursued Olga. Olga's car had become stuck in a large steel culvert, trapping her inside. She found by police and extracted, then taken into custody.


  • Heart transplantation was on the cutting edge of medical science in the 1963 (the time of Olga's storyline). The first successful real-world human-to-human heart transplant would not occur until 1967, so Olga's successful transplant of a heart into the General would have been a major medical breakthrough.