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Oily (full name unrevealed) was a service station attendant and associate of the Mole. Oily would provide Mole with food, supplies, and information in exchange for a share of the money that Mole obtained from the criminals that he “helped”. They worked this scheme together for approximately fifteen years.

Encountering Dick Tracy[]

After Mole killed Duke and disposed of the body down a nearby manhole, Dick Tracy and the police investigated the surrounding area, including Oily's service station. Oily notified Mole of this via a special closed circuit TV system they had installed, with the camera and microphone disguised as a gas pump.

Soon after there was a heavy snowfall, and the city dumped excess snow by the secret “abandoned boiler” entrance to Mole's hideout. The heat from Mole's lair began melting the snow, which started to flood Mole's hideout. Oily had become increasing nervous about the police's investigations, and when he realized that Mole was trying to escape, he tried to wedge the door shut and seal Mole inside. Mole managed to get one hand out the door and fired his gun blindly. One of Mole's bullets creased Oily's scalp, rendering him unconscious (December 7, 1941).

Oily's body held a wooden 2x4 plank against the door, sealing it and forcing Mole to find another escape route. This led to Mole's showdown with Dick Tracy. When the police arrived at the gas station, they found Oily's unconscious form and moved it, allowing Tracy to escape (December 14, 1941).


  • OilyRG
    A later Rogues' Gallery entry on Oily indicated that he had died from the Mole's gunshot, though that was not explicitly stated in the strip at the time.
  • Years later, another criminal called Oily would encounter Dick Tracy. There is no known connection between the two men.