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Officer Danny Shield was a uniformed police officer in Dick Tracy's city. He also coached a team in the city's youth baseball league.

Shield was assigned to be the police department's liaison with the local telephone company during the case of Pig E. Bank and Little Byte. He was present when the police raided Bank's fleeing yacht and rescued the kidnapped Amy Lovelaw. Lovelaw expressed gratitude and affection to Shield.

Later, Officer Shield was partnered with Officer Sandy Star and assigned to patrol the local shopping mall in plainclothes. They were told to pay special attention to the activities of Lug Sweeney, who was suspected of being The Phantom of the Mall.

When Joe Tracy received a strong electrical shock from a pinball machine that had been sabotaged, Star and Shield responded. Before they could help Joe, Lug Sweeney was able to separate the boy from the machine, saving his life. Star and Shield still arrested Lug on suspicion of tampering with the machine.


  • Shield02
    When he first appeared, Officer Shield had dark hair. During the Smokes storyline, his hair was light.
  • An officer resembling Shield appeared later in the Smokes storyline, reporting on the fatalities at the mall parking garage. This officer was not identified by name, so it cannot be confirmed if it was Shield.
  • In a story from 1993, Dick Tracy assigned a uniformed officer named Shield to address some local school children about the problem of racism and white supremacy. This officer was not addressed by their full name, and ambiguity in the artwork makes it difficult to confirm if this was Danny Shield.