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Officer Rodriquez was a uniform police officer and a member of Dick Tracy's department.

History of Service[]

Rodriquez was first seen during the time when the elderly mobster Big Boy had issued a $1 Million Open Contract on Dick Tracy's life. Rodriquez was one of several officers who had been assigned to monitor and protect the Tracy and his family. When Tracy and Tess went to visit Junior and his family for dinner, Rodriquez patrolled the area outside the house. Despite his vigilance, the explosives expert Little Littel was able to plant a bomb in Tracy's car, which ultimately claimed the life of Moon Maid.

Rodriquez felt extremely guilty, believing that he had failed in his job of protecting the Tracy family, though he was not  officially censured or charged with dereliction of duty. He took it upon himself to investigate the bomb, and discovered evidence that linked the crime to Littel. He shared this information with Junior, who planned to take revenge.

Later Assignments[]

Rodriquez continued to work as a uniform police officer in Dick Tracy's city. He was present at the arrest of the "psychic" Astral Turf.


Later, Rodriquez would encounter the paroled criminal Blowtop Jones when the older man was leaving the hideout of his niece Angeltop. Suspicious, Rodriquez requested to see Blowtop's identification, which gave his name as "Walter".

Several years later, Rodriquez notified Dick Tracy of the gang-related murder of Tim Vick. This led to Tracy first learning of the criminal activities of Hi-Top Jones.


  • Officer Rodriquez's name has sometimes been misspelled as "Rodriguez".