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Officer Murphy was a policeman in Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair.


Murphy was a part of the team led by Pat Patton that attempted to rescue Dick Tracy from Flattop's hideout. Murphy was stationed on the fire escape outside the apartment.

During Flattop's escape from his hideout, he shot an officer named Murphy though the head, presumably killing him.


  • Officer Murphy's fate is not confirmed in the strip, but Flattop was known for his accuracy and mercilessness, so it is reasonable for readers to assume that Murphy did not survive.
  • Several police officers named Murphy have also appeared in the strip, including later in the original Flattop storyline, and during the cases of The Brow, Pruneface, Pear-Shape, Dewdrop, and Haf-and-Haf. They are not necessarily meant to be the same person.