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Officer Murphy was a uniform police officer in Dick Tracy's city. He had short dark hair.

Character Biography[]

Officer Murphy was selected to escort the Summer Sisters to a safe house after they escaped from the Brow. While taking a taxi from the police station, they were intercepted by the Brow. The Brow killed the driver and then rammed the taxi with his car, knocking it off a bridge into a lagoon.

Murphy managed to escape the sinking car, but the Summer Sisters drowned despite his efforts to get help. Tracy recovered the car and the victims.


  • Several police officers called "Murphy" have appeared in the strip. A light-haired Murphy was shot and apparently killed during the Flattop storyline, and other Murphys appeared in the stories of Pear-ShapeDewdrop, and Haf-and-Haf. They are not necessarily meant to be the same man.