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Officer Mulligan worked at the jail in Dick Tracy's city. He had short dark hair.

During an attempt to escape from jail, Mickey Gainer trapped Officer Mulligan's between his cell door and the wall. Gainer was able to squeeze Mulligan in the narrow gap, threatening to break the officer's neck if he didn't surrender his gun to Mickey.

Mulligan was saved by Dick Tracy. He was later present for Mickey Gainer's abortive attempt to hang himself.


  • There have been several police officers referred to by the name "Mulligan" in the Dick Tracy comic strip. As some of them are shown to have died, they are certainly not all the same person.
  • A uniformed officer with dark hair is seen escorting Mickey Gainer into jail on April 13th, 1939, but this seems to be Chief Brandon and cannot be confirmed as Mulligan.
  • In gaming, a "Mulligan" is when a player gets a second chance to attempt something, also called a "do-over". This may have been a joke on the part of the creators.