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Officer Milligan was a uniform officer in Dick Tracy's police department. He was a slender, older man, with grey/white hair and a lined face. He was often assigned as the guard at the city's holding cells. 


Officer Milligan placed Mumbles in the same holding cell as DoubleUp, and later released both men when Blaze Rize arranged their bail on behalf of the new Mr. Crime.

Milligan was also present when Ted Tellum was being held on charges of possession of illegal narcotics.


  • Throughout the history of the strip, there have been multiple officers named Milligan depicted (as well as officers named Mulligan and Gilligan). They are not meant to be the same person, and several of them have been shown being killed in the line of duty.
  • In "The Blind Side", a prose short story about Tracy written by the strip's one-time technical advisor (Jim Doherty) for the PLAINCLOTHES website, the Milligans are identified as a family of police officers who have served in the city's police department over several generations.


Milligan (left) with Lizz