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Officer Milligan was a uniformed police officer in Dick Tracy's city. He was a large man with a dark moustache.

Milligan worked closely with Dick Tracy and Chief Brandon during the case of Maxine Viller. Milligan and Tracy tracked Maxine's dog Satan to the home of her associate Gyp Reed. They later confronted Maxine at her hideout and were subdued before being rescued by Chief Brandon and Officer Farney.


  • Throughout the history of the strip, there have been multiple officers named Milligan depicted (as well as officers named Mulligan and Gilligan). Some of them have been shown being killed in the line of duty. If Officer Milligan is meant to be the same Officer Milligan from 1933, that has not been explicitly stated.
  • In "The Blind Side", a prose short story about Tracy written by the strip's one-time technical advisor (Jim Doherty) for the PLAINCLOTHES website, the Milligans are identified as a family of police officers who have served in the city's police department over several generations.