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Officer Leslie Shawn was a older man who served as a foot patrolman in the Bellwood District of Dick Tracy's city.

Officer Shawn came across Scardol and his accomplice Mickey Gainer robbing a filling station. Scardol tried to deter the officer by shooting the service pistol from Shawn's hand. However, Officer Shawn leapt onto the car's running board and tried to arrest Scardol. Scardol ordered Gainer to violently brake the car back and forth which caused the officer to fall and suffer a fatal head injury (March 18, 1939).

Evidence gathered from Shawn's clothes provided clues that led Dick Tracy and the police to Scardol and Gainer.


  • A group of uniform officers in shown investigating a filling station robbery in the strip from March 16th 1939, but it cannot be confirmed if Shawn is one of them.