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Officer Donovan was a uniformed police officer in Dick Tracy's city. He had thin dark hair.

Killed by Blake[]

When Toby Townley and Blake were taken into police custody following the fire at the Fairground Stables that killed Bookie Joe, Donovan was assigned to guard them in a holding room at police headquarters. Blake blamed Toby for the death of his friend Joe, and decided to frame her for a serious crime. Blake withdrew a single-shot pen gun from a secret compartment in his shoe. He shot Donovan, then quickly hid the gun in Toby's curly hair.

The sound of the gunshot drew other police officers into the room, and Blake insisted that Toby had shot Donovan. Donovan was taken to a hospital, but was unable to speak and could not identify who had shot him. Donovan slipped in and out of consciousness before dying of his gunshot wound.

Toby was convicted of Donovan's murder, but this conviction was eventually overturned when Blake confessed during a lie detector test.


  • A uniformed police officer can be seen escorting Blake and Toby on August 3rd, 1935, but this officer is not identified by name. It is possible that this is Donovan, but it cannot be confirmed.