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Officer Callahan was a police officer in Dick Tracy's City. He was a tall man with short hair.

Encounter with the Brow[]

When the spy known as The Brow and his accomplice Gravel Gertie were taken into custody, the love-struck Gertie grabbed Callahan's pistol and tossed it to the handcuffed Brow. However, the Brow had trouble firing the pistol. Dick Tracy then threw a inkwell at the Brow which caused him to stagger backwards and fall out a window to his death.

It is not clear if Callahan faced any disciplinary action for allowing his weapon to be taken.


  • Several uniformed officers were shown discussing the Brow case on September 23rd, 1944, but it cannot be confirmed if any of them were Callahan.
  • Callahan appeared in a Sunday strip, which were not included in the collection The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy.