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Nutsy was the leader of a small gang of criminals that operated in Dick Tracy's city. He had wavy dark hair and a lined face, He often spoke through clenched teeth.

When Nutsy first appeared, he and his gang had a penchant for dressing in 20s-era gangster style clothes, and they drove a similarly vintage-style car.

Nutsy's Good Luck[]

Nutsy and his associates were not especially intelligent, and they were arrested following an early-morning attempted bank robbery. Nutsy's girlfriend Rocksie (who had not been arrested) freed the gang from their holding cell using Dick Tracy's new Wrist Geenee, which she had stolen.

Using the Wrist Geenee, Nutsy and his gang committed several successful robberies. At Rocksie's request, they updated their manner of dress to 1990s "gangster rap" style. They also stole a new Cadillac.

Nutsy and his gang decided to eschew traditional bank robbery and instead set out to rob a store that sold safes, reasoning that the safes would be full of money. When they broke into the store, they found all of the display models empty. By the time they finally managed to open the safe in the management office and found some cash, their activities were discovered by Dick Tracy and they were arrested (except Rocksie, who fled).

Escape from Jail[]


Nutsy was sentenced to State Penitentiary (along with his gang member Sweet Tooth), where Rocksie occasionally visited him. On one of these visits, Rocksie made the acquaintance of the inmate Slugs Magnum, whom she later helped to escape. Rocksie told Nutsy that their relationship was over and she would no longer be visiting him.

Nutsy was consumed by jealousy and managed to escape from prison, intent on winning Rocksie back. Through a series of coincidences, Nutsy became involved in several successful crimes which gained him money and notoriety, both of which Rocksie found extremely attractive.

Nutsy and Rocksie left town, and Nutsy provided Rocksie with a luxurious penthouse apartment. Nutsy happened across an art gallery where the fugitive Dab Stract was attempting to sell a valuable (and stolen) painting from his collection. Nutsy decided to rob the gallery to finance Rocksie's expensive tastes. Unbeknownst to the couple, Slugs had tracked them down and a shootout took place in the art gallery. Slugs was killed by a ricocheting bullet, and Nutsy (who had been placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list) was arrested. Rocksie went into hiding.


  • Unlike many criminals in the Dick Tracy comic strip, Nutsy's name does not seem to have any connection to his appearance or his modus operandi, as he does not look like a nut or commit nut-themed crimes. His underling Sweet Tooth had a fondness for candy, but this is the only potential nut-related aspect of Nutsy's organization that was presented.