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The mysterious "No Face" was an extremely nondescript man who believed that he was constantly ignored and victimized by rude people. He created a realistic mask for himself and adopted the identity of "John Doe".

Meeting Dick Tracy[]

As John Doe, No Face acquired wealth and prominence in Dick Tracy's City. This enabled him to enact an elaborate revenge scheme. With the aid of several subordinates, No Face began kidnapping people whom he believed were guilty of inexcusable rudeness. He abducted them in a submarine and held them captive in an underground cave. One of his victims was B.O. Plenty.

Eventually, Tracy himself was captured by No Face. He and the other prisoners were eventually rescued by the Major Crimes Unit, with significant aid from Junior Tracy. No Face escaped.

No Face Meets Dab Stract[]

Years later, No Face would encounter the fugitive Dab Stract. Stract was on the run following his encounter with Nutsy and Slugs Magnum, and No Face offered him shelter in an underground hideout.

No Face planned to continue his crusade against "rude people" and was determined to publicly embarrass Dick Tracy. To this end, he arranged for Dab Stract to engage in several high-profile art thefts, which Tracy would be blamed for failing to prevent.

No Face provided Stract with access to his various masks, which were quite elaborate. Stract stole a portrait from the then-Mayor's office and a statue of Justice from outside of the City Courthouse. Tracy managed to track down the criminals, but No Face escaped. Stract was caught and arrested, but was able to secure a high-priced lawyer. The stolen items were recovered.

No Face Joins Forces[]

Later, No Face would be recruited by Dr. Beau Tox into a complicated art theft scheme that also involved several of Tracy's other enemies. No Face was successfully able to steal a valuable painting from the city museum. Tracy discovered the plot and was able to recover the stolen art, though No Face was not captured.


  • No Face has extremely forgettable features, so much so that they cannot be remembered or described by anyone who sees him. However, he does have a face, even though he often hides it behind a mask.
  • There is no connection between No Face and The Blank.
  • During the scheme with Dr. Beau Tox, No Face had no interaction with Tox's other associates (Prune Hilda, Heartless Mahoney, Dab Stract), even though he had worked with Dab Stract in the past.