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Nilon Hoze was the adult niece of the wealthy Mrs. Hoze. Nilon was an attractive woman with blonde hair.

Nilon lived on her aunt's estate with her cousin Rod. When Nilon and Rod learned that their aunt intended to marry Mortimer (a wealthy man from the west with whom she had been corresponding), they became worried. Believing that a marriage would interfere with their lavish lifestyle (and plans to inherit their aunt's fortune), Nilon and Rod plotted to prevent the marriage. 

Nilon observed B.O. Plenty working the land at Sunny Dell Acres. She convinced Rod that they could waylay Mortimer and replace him with B.O., whom their aunt would be disinclined to marry. They offered B.O. $100 to pretend to be Mortimer, and proceeded to abduct Mortimer when he arrived at the train station. While Merle - the Hoze family chauffeur who was Rod and Nilon's confederate in the scheme - watched over Mortimer, B.O. was presented to Mrs. Hoze.

The plan work, as Mrs. Hoze was amused but repelled by B.O.'s appearance and sent him away. However, Mortimer had a heart condition and the stress of being abducted and held against his will put a strain on his heart. He collapsed and died. Merle, Nilon, and Rod schemed to dispose of the body, but their deception was quickly uncovered due to B.O. Plenty's friendship with Dick Tracy.

As the scheme unraveled, Nilon became desperate. She poisoned Merle in his jail cell, believing that his silence would protect her and Rod. Sufficient evidence still existed to implicate her, and she agreed to show the police where she had disposed of Mortimer's body. She was handcuffed to Rod, and when Mortimer's body was recovered Rod jumped in front of a speeding milk truck rather than face execution in the electric chair. he pulled Nilon along with him and they were both killed.


  • The name Nilon Hoze is derived from "nylon hose", a type of women's hosiery.
  • Some readers have inferred a romantic (and slightly incestuous) relationship between Nilon and her cousin Rod. Though they were willing conspirators, they were never shown being physically affectionate.