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"Nig" Mahoe was a criminal associate of Lips Manlis. He had short, light colored hair and typically wore a black bowler hat.

When Lips discovered that Dick Tracy was planning to arrest him, he enlisted Nig to help set a trap for the detective. The two men planted explosives in the elevator shaft of Lips' building with the expectation that Lips' valet Memphis Smith would lure Tracy into the elevator. Memphis became visibly frightened when speaking to Tracy which prompted the detective to suspect some danger.

Tracy took the stair to Lips' apartment where Lips and Nig were hiding. Tracy surprised the two men and shot Nig in the arm. Nig and Lips were taken into custody.

Lips then became the subject of Dick Tracy's experiment in criminal reformation. Nig does not seem to have been offered a similar opportunity.


  • The name "Nig" was consistently depicted in the strip in quotation marks. This would indicate that it was a nickname or alias. Its origin is not clear.
  • Nig was a close associate of Lips, so it likely that he also interacted with the other members of Lips' criminal organization, with this was not depicted in the strip so it cannot be confirmed.