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Nibbs (full name unrevealed) was a member of Nails Wolley's gang. He had sunken eyes and typically wore a flat cap.

Nibbs worked with Wolley's gang as part of their stolen jewelry smuggling ring. Later, he posed as a telephone worker as part of the plot to kidnap the jewelry salesman Mr. Jade.

Unbeknownst to Wolley's gang, their activities were being observed by Dick Tracy. When Mickey Gainer (another member of the gang) refused to be party to Jade's murder, Nibbs prepared to join the rest of Wolley's gang in shooting him. Tracy and the police shot and killed the Wolley gang before they could execute Gainer and Jade.


  • In the strip from March 6th, 1939, Dick Tracy is shown shouting a warning at the Wolley gang to drop their guns, but he is also shown shooting at the men from behind them. Nibbs is shown to have fallen in the next day's strip.