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Nellie Hill was a hair stylist in Dick Tracy's city. She was the sister of Chilly Hill. She had light hair, light eyes, a slightly lined face, and a voluptuous figure.

Nellie operated a successful hair-cutting studio that catered only to men. She provided haircuts and shaves. Nellie was occasionally flirtatious with her clients.

Nellie was approached by her brother and his associate Earl Welz when the two men were wanted by police. They asked for her help in altering their appearance. She initially refused, but eventually agreed to help them out of a sense of family loyalty, even though she knew they were wanted by the police.

After Nellie changed the two men's hair, Welz demanded that she transport them out of town in her van. He held Nellie at gunpoint while she drove. Nellie began to exceed the speed limit, in the hopes of attracting the attention of a police officer. She lost control of the van and struck a lamppost, which collapsed onto the van. The post crushed in the roof of the van, trapping Welz inside.

Police arrived on the scene quickly. Chilly Hill was taken into custody and Nellie described the situation to Dick Tracy and the other officers. Earl Welz was freed from the van and arrested, but Nellie was not charged. She soon returned to her hair cutting business.