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Nellie Biggs was the assistant/secretary of Pear-Shape. She was a tall, light-haired woman with an imposing build.

Nellie primarily worked at Pear-Shape's weight-loss correspondence business. Nellie was aware of Pear-Shape's criminal activities to some extent, and she urged him to give them up and focus his attention on the weight-loss institute.

Aiding Pear-Shape[]

When Pear-Shape learned that he was being sought by police in connection with the Waldo jewel theft and murder, he decided to take up residence in his business' office. He contacted Nellie and instructed her to bring him supplies. Nellie did as he asked, but she continually pressured Pear-Shape to give up his criminal efforts in the stolen jewelry racket and devote his full attention to his successful weight loss business instead.


Pear-Shape became paranoid and had Nellie bring him chicken wire that he used to secure the office. Nellie was present when Sam Catchem, in disguise as a wealthy overweight women, came to the office to gather information. Pear-Shape saw through Sam's disguise and pulled a gun on him. He then instructed Nellie to subdue Sam, which she did by knocking him unconscious.

Shortly thereafter, Dick Tracy arrived at the office, along with Mugg. Pear-Shape fled, abandoning Nellie. A now-conscious Sam told Tracy what happened, and Tracy hand-cuffed Nellie while Mugg pursued Pear-Shape.

Nellie was arrested, as she was subject to a charge of Assault, and possibly as an Accessory After the Fact in the Waldo case.


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    A later Rogues' Gallery feature stated that Nellie had received a 5 year prison sentence and was later paroled. It also indicated that Nellie faced a charge of Mail Fraud.
  • It was not stated if Nellie had ever worked with Pear-Shape's other associates, but it is possible since she knew about his criminal activities.