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Neely (full name unrevealed) had been a member of the Redrum slot machine gang. He later joined Danny Supeena's gang, along with with his longtime confederate Dirks.

Neely typically wore a cloth cap and a bow tie.

The Johnny Mintworth Caper[]

Neely recognized Johnny Mintworth in a bar and arranged a meeting with Danny Supeena. Neely then worked closely with Supeena as he used Johnny in several insurance fraud schemes.

Neely managed to avoid capture by the police when Supeena and several other members of the gang were arrested. Neely visited his associate Jerry in jail and promised to eliminate the witness - Junior Tracy - who could identify them and connect them to the death of Johnny Mintworth.

Victim of The Blank[]

Neely and Dirks kidnapped Junior and took him to Dick Tracy's garage. They were about to kill the boy when the Blank intervened. He rescued Junior and tied Neely and Dirks under Tracy's car with the engine running. The two men died of carbon monoxide poisoning and were later found by Tracy.

This was the first indication of the Blank's scheme of revenging himself on the former members of his gang.