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Ned Noxx was the fence for Rughead's gang. He specialized in selling stolen furs. He had light wavy hair and a vertical scar on the right side of his face. He often smoked a pipe.

When Rughead's gang had been broken up by police, Rughead contacted Noxx from Mexico and asked him to send money that Rughead had hidden away. Noxx refused.

Noxx arranged for Blackstone (the gang's attorney) to arrange for the release of Corny (the girlfriend of another member of the gang), who had been arrested for being in possession of a stolen fur coat. After Corny was released from jail, Noxx killed her in a hit-and-run collision.

Rughead returned from Mexico and was determined to get revenge on Noxx for his betrayal. Rughead confronted Noxx at gunpoint and made arrangements to take possession of all of the stolen furs that Noxx was storing. In an attempt to escape, Noxx jumped from a high window into the truck that Rughead had loaded the furs onto. He was seriously injured in the fall but managed to climb out the back of the truck.

By this time, Dick Tracy and the police had tracked down the location of Noxx's hideout and had arrived to arrest him. They found the injured Noxx in an alley and engaged in a shootout with the driver of the truck containing the stolen furs. Noxx believed that he was about to die and began making a confession to the police. Just as he finished, Rughead shot him from a high window. Rughead then escaped.