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Nat Natnus, also known as Nat the Fur King, was a fur thief and seller. He had light eyes, light hair and a moustache.

Dick Tracy first encountered Nat during a minor traffic infraction. Nat's car led Tracy on a brief chase, forcing Nat and his gang to abandon some furs that he had recently stolen. Finding the stolen furs piqued Tracy's interest, and he began an investigation into Nat's activities.

In addition to theft, Nat used extortion and fraud as a means to financial gain. He and his gang would threaten merchants if they refused to buy furs from them. They would also sell stolen furs to an unscrupulous dealer, then other members of the gang would pose as police officers and seize the furs back as evidence.

Tracy infiltrated Nat's organization in disguise and gathered evidence of their criminal activities. He then set a trap for Nat's gang at the shop of Chief Brandon's cousin-in-law, Fred Marken (a legitimate fur broker). Nat and his entire gang were arrested by Dick Tracy and Pat Patton.


  • Nat Natnus's last name is "suntan" spelt backwards. He was never shown to be especially interested in tanning himself, though. His storyline takes place in autumn, and he usually appeared dressed in heavy clothes.