Rono "Nails" Wolley was the leader of a gang that smuggled jewels and precious metals through a rural area outside Dick Tracy's city. He had a wide nose, narrow eyes, and short dark hair that came to a point on his forehead.

Wolley and his gang kidnapped a jewelry salesman named Jade and tortured him to make him give up his jewelry samples. Wolley and his gang tried to kill Jade but Jade's life was saved by Mickey Gainer.

Wolley was going to kill them both when Dick Tracy opened fire on the gang, killing two of Wolley's henchmen. Tracy then knocked out Wolley with a right cross. It was later reported in newspapers that Wolley had not survived.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Wolley was injured by police gunfire, then punched by Dick Tracy. His death was confirmed by a newspaper vendor 2 days later.


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