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Myrtle Wreath was a woman who lived and worked in Dick Tracy's city. She had dark hair.

Myrtle was married to Nifty Wreath, and the couple had a son named Johnny. Nifty was a professional gambler, which bothered Myrtle. She separated from Nifty and took Johnny with her.

During World War II, Myrtle took a job as a truck driver. She placed Johnny in the free day-care center offered by Mrs. Potter. One day, Nifty abducted Johnny, believing that Myrtle was unfairly keeping him from his son.

Myrtle was distraught over Johnny's abduction, and she was comforted by Mrs. Potter and Frizzletop. Dick Tracy joined the search for Johnny and he eventually recovered the boy. Johnny suffered a serious illness after being lost in a snowstorm with Tracy, but he eventually recovered.

Nifty resolved to reform his ways, and he and Myrtle reconciled.