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Myrna was the granddaughter of Angus DePool and his wife. Her parents had been killed in a car accident. Her First Cousin, Once-Removed was Selbert DePool, an escaped mental patient and killer.

House of Horror[]

Myrna stayed with her grandmother after her grandfather was murdered by Selbert. Mrs. DePool was keeping Selbert hidden in her house, but Myrna was made suspicious by the police investigations and noises she heard during the night.

One night, Selbert seized Myrna from her bed and deposited her in the hiding place under the cistern where Mrs. DePool had been concealing him. Learning what he had done, Mrs. DePool shot Selbert (non-fatally), freed Myrna, and enlisted her aid in treating Selbert's wound.

Calling for Revol[]

At this point, Myrna's nerves were shattered, and she called for her boyfriend Revol ("Lover" spelled backwards). Unbeknownst to Myrna, Mrs. DePool had rigged the doorbell to prick the finger of anyone who pressed it with a poison needle. Revol fell victim to this trap and was rushed to the hospital by Dick Tracy, who had been monitoring the house.

When Tracy returned to the house, he was ambushed by Selbert who knocked him unconscious and placed him in the cistern hideout. Myrna could take no more. She pushed Mrs. DePool down the stairs into the basement with Selbert and fled, vowing to find Revol and never return to the house.

Arriving at the hospital, Myrna was told that Revol was in bad shape, but had a good chance for survival. She informed Chief Brandon that Tracy was a prisoner in the house, and that Pat Patton had gone after him.

Shortly thereafter, Selbert poisoned Mrs. DePool and set the house on fire. Mrs. DePool died in the blaze. Selbert was later killed while fleeing from police. This presumably left Myrna as the sole heir to whatever remained of the DePool fortune. Revol, thanks to prompt medical attention, recovered and left with Myrna to a life free of the intrigues of Myrna's family (April 20th, 1941).