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Murky Depps was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark wavy hair that he wore parted in the middle, and had a wide build. He operated a registered business called Depps Charge Inc.

Murky had a manner of speaking that was virtually incomprehensible (similar to Mumbles). He relied on his associate Subtitle to interpret for him so that he could be understood.

Murky specialized in counterfeit merchandise. One of his targets was Sparkle Plenty. Murky released a line of shoddily-made, inferior imitations of the designer jeans to which Sparkle had lent her name. Sparkle was appalled to be associated with such a poor-quality product, and Dick Tracy investigated Murky.

Murky attempted to flee from police in a car that was fitted with inferior tires. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an abutment. He was killed in the collision.


  • Murky's speech was only ever depicted as indecipherable scrawl.
  • Lizz stated that she had questioned Murky during the case of the drug dealer called Hairy in 1975. It was not established if Murky was an associate of Hairy's.