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The Munro Brothers were 4 brothers who worked with the criminal organization known as The Black Hearts.

They were closely aligned with Méliès, Venus, and Apollo. They wore jackets with logos on them that indicated their names.

The 4 known brothers were:

Sputnik Munro

Rocket Munro

Flash Munro

Satellite Munro

During the mystery of the "new" Moon Maid, Flash was stranded in outer space in a Space Coupe. The other Munro Brothers were apparently not aware of his fate.

The Fall of the Black Hearts[]

The three remaining Munro Brothers faced off against the MCU and the FBI when the Black Hearts headquarters was raided. They were incapacitated by law enforcement and Punjab.

It has not been confirmed which (if any) of the Munro Brothers survived.


  • The Munro Brothers' names and appearance were inspired by Sputnik Monroe, a professional wrestler from the mid-20th century.
  • It has not been confirmed what the birth order is for the Munro Brothers, or if they have any additional siblings.