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The Mumbles Quartet was a musical act that used their performances as a means to gain access to wealthy people and rob them. The criminal Mumbles was the mastermind and he accompanied the group on guitar. The other three members sang harmony. Their repertoire consisted of standards, love songs and novelty songs. They were considered to be quite good, but Mumbles was not satisfied with the prospect of earning an honest living and insisted on committing robberies as well.

Mumbles ordered Roy and Vince to kill Officer Ferris while the Quartet was leaving the city in a car they had "borrowed" from Kiss Andtel, a singer and paramour of Mumbles. Dick Tracy was unable to gather enough evidence to charge them in the death, but the other members of the Quartet used this as leverage to get Mumbles to divide their stolen take equally (rather than Mumbles taking the bulk of it).

After another successful robbery, the Quartet abducted Kiss Andtel and smuggled her onto an ocean liner. The Quartet celebrated with music and liquor, unaware that Mumbles planned to betray them by setting off a bomb on the boat and escaping with their stolen money. The three members of the Quartet and Kiss Andtel were saved by Dick Tracy. Mumbles was presumed lost at sea and the Quartet members faced robbery charges.

The Return of the Mumbles Quartet[]

Many years later, the Quartet members reunited with Mumbles (out of desperation). They agreed to help with his insurance fraud scheme involving Vincent Vinyl (who owned a rare copy of the one record album they had made).


Once again, Mumbles' violent and unpredictable nature made the Quartet members nervous, and they considered going to the police with the information that they had. Before they could do so, they were killed by a car bomb planted by Mumbles' new associate Abner Kadaver.


  • Roy was the member of the Quartet who had dark hair and wore eyeglasses.
  • Vince was the member of the Quartet with wavy blond hair. He had the most difficulty understanding Mumbles, and would often suffer violence at the hand of Mumbles for asking what he had said.
  • Throughout much of their first appearance in the strip, "Quartet" was spelt in the French manner - "Quartette".
  • Mumbles was overbearing and highly critical of the other group members. He would criticize their manner of dress and their performances harshly. It is unclear how much of the Quartet's cooperation with Mumbles was motivated by fear of him rather than their own personal greed or malice.