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The dog called Mugg III (usually just "Mugg" for short) was a boxer with brown fur. He was descended from Mugg, the police dog.

Mugg III was first seen at the scene of a murder investigation involving Flakey Biscuits and Hot Rize. Mugg was brought to the crime scene by K-9 Officer Doherty, who is apparently his regular handler. Mugg was able to detect the presence of cocaine, which aided Dick Tracy's investigation.

Mugg was later present at the arrest of the criminal Phishface. Officer Doherty happened to be walking Mugg near the aquarium (which was Phishface's base of operations) when Tracy (who was recovering from a recent injury) enlisted their aid. Mugg attacked Phishface, subduing the criminal before he could harm Honeymoon, Jewel, and Joe Tracy.


  • Mugg III's exact lineage is unknown. He is descended from Mugg, but it has not been established if he came from the same litter as Muggsy, a different litter from the same father as Muggsy (who is assumed to be Mugg), or if Muggsy is his father.
  • Mugg III has only been addressed as "Mugg" by characters in the strip, but his name tag says "Mugg III", indicating that he is not the original dog introduced during the case of Pear-Shape.