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Mrs. Wheeler (first name unrevealed) was a single mother living in a low-income housing project in the city. She had three sons- Willie, Keenan, and Seth.


Mrs. Wheeler suffered from respiratory issues which made it difficult for her to work and support her family. She was often bedridden. In spite of her illness, Mrs. Wheeler stressed the importance of learning and responsibility to her sons and insisted that they keep up in school.

Unbeknownst to Mrs. Wheeler, her oldest son Willie had started stealing purses, making his getaway on roller skates. He planned to use the money that he acquired to move the family to Arizona, where he believed that the dry climate would improve his mother's condition.

Willie became embroiled in the kidnapping plot of Diet Smith, and aided police in finding Bernard Breakdown's hideout. Dick Tracy and Lee Ebony conferred with Mrs. Wheeler, whose condition had improved. They notified her son's activities and advised her to seek treatment at the local free clinic. After Willie was granted leniency in juvenile court, Mrs. Wheeler announced that her family would be moving to a new apartment in a better neighborhood.

Targeted By Torcher[]

Before the Wheelers could vacate their current building, it was targeted by the arsonist known as Torcher. The Wheelers were given notice to leave, but Willie insisted to stay in their home to investigate what was happening. Mrs. Wheeler and her sons barricaded themselves in their apartment while looters ransacked the other units.


After the looters left, Mrs. Wheeler put her sons to bed, insisting that they were leaving in the morning. That night, Willie and Keenan snuck out of the apartment and discovered evidence of Torcher's arson intentions. Believing they had stopped the plot, they returned to their beds. However, Torcher had set more than one fire, and the Wheelers soon found themselves in a burning building. Mrs. Wheeler and her sons fled to safety down a fire escape, where they were men by police and fire officials. Willie aided in identifying Torcher.

Soon after, Mrs.Wheeler moved her sons to their new apartment, where she invited Tracy and Ebony for coffee.

Improved Situation[]

Mrs. Wheeler later married Mr. Wheeler, her late husband's brother (himself a widower). The Wheelers moved into a house on the same street as Junior Tracy and his wife Sparkle Plenty.