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Mrs. Van Hoosen was elderly woman in whose home Breathless Mahoney hid while on the run from the law. She wore eyeglasses and tended to be temperamental.

Character Biography[]

Mrs. Van Hoosen was first seen instructing her gardener Herman to trim the branches of the trees on her estate. Unbeknownst to her, Breathless Mahoney had hidden her ill-gotten money in the branches of one of these trees, and she soon returned to retrieve it. When Breathless saw that the branches had been pruned, she applied to work as a maid in Mrs. Van Hoosen's home. 

Mrs. Van Hoosen hired her, in spite of Breathless' lack of credentials. She soon grew weary of the young woman's lack of attention to her duty. Breathless was tracked to Mrs. Van Hoosen's home, and the elderly woman cooperated with Dick Tracy's investigation, inadvertently giving Breathless time to hide in Wetwash Wally's laundry truck.

Mrs. Van Hoosen fainted when she and the police discovered that Herman had been stabbed in the gardener's shed. She recovered and continued to answer Tracy's questions.


  • An episode of the animated series "Archie's TV Funnies" featured Miss Canine, a character that resembled Mrs. Van Hoosen.