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Mrs. Spots (name unrevealed) was the wife of Spots. She had blonde hair and a womanly figure.

Mrs. Spots aided her husband and Ogden in their petty larceny schemes to defraud organizations with made up awards. She and Spots had a contentious relationship, with Spots often criticizing her weight.

She was forced into helping Spots in his scheme to claim the orphaned Hawaiian child Halakahiki to gain the child's inheritance. Mrs. Spots dyed her hair black and was given a tattoo in order to impersonate Halakahiki's aunt.

While watching over the abducted child, Mrs. Spots had a change of heart and helped free Halakahiki and reunite her with her real aunt. While helping the child escape, Mrs. Spots was murdered by her husband on the street.


The death of Mrs. Spots