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Mrs. Skinner (first name unrevealed) was the owner of a boarding house where Flattop Jones Jr. took up residence during his time as a fugitive from the law. She had dark hair and a stout build.

Mrs. Skinner had a high school-to-college aged daughter known as "Skinny".

Flattop arrived at Mrs. Skinner's boarding house after fleeing the office of "Nothing" Yonson and abandoning his compatriot Joe Period to the police. Mrs. Skinner took an immediate dislike to the young man, mostly due to his claim of being an art student, which she equated with being a deadbeat.

Skinny, however, was enamored of Flattop and spent a significant amount of time trying to gain his favor, much to her mother's chagrin. Mrs. Skinner was often heard calling Skinny to tend to her chores instead of hanging around Flattop. On the few occasions when Mrs. Skinner did something nice for her young tenant (such as bringing him food), it was usually treated with disdain if not outright hostility.

Following the incident where Skinny entered one of Flattop's paintings in a local art show, Flattop became enraged at the girl and chased her to the roof of their building. Mrs. Skinner followed and witnessed as Flattop threw Skinny to her death. Mrs. Skinner assaulted Flattop with a broom, but the young killer managed to escape.

Mrs. Skinner was later seen making a tearful statement to Dick Tracy and the police.


  • Mrs. Skinner had apparently been married to Skinny's father, but her marital status at the time of her appearance in the strip is unclear.