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Patience Peek was an older woman who lived in Dick Tracy's city. She was heavyset, with light hair and a lined face. She was depicted as speaking with an upper-class accent. She had become accustomed to a lavish lifestyle that she could no longer afford, so she began aiding criminals in exchange for money.

Spying for Punky[]

Mrs. Peek was recruited by Uncle Punky to obtain a photograph of Junior Tracy so that Punky and Thistle Dew could target Junior for revenge. Mrs. Peek went to police headquarters and filed a false report about being the victim of a mugging. She was presented to Junior, who attempted to produce a sketch based on her description. This allowed Mrs. Peek to surreptitiously photograph Junior with a microfilm camera. She then provided the photo to Punky in exchange for $500.

Mrs. Peek's unusual behavior (her apparent intoxication, inability to provide details about the crime, describing the mugger inconsistently) caused Junior to become suspicious of her.

The Unwelcome Guest[]

Thistle and Punky abducted Junior, but he was freed. Thistle was arrested, but Punky managed to escape and took up residence in Mrs. Peek's apartment, despite her objections. Punky gained the affections of Peek's dog Fluffy, which further annoyed Mrs. Peek.

Punky took Fluffy for a walk and Mrs. Peek followed. When Fluffy ran out onto the thin ice covering a lagoon, Punky went after him. Punky fell through the ice. Mrs. Peek saw a chance to rid herself of Punky and grabbed a long tree branch, intending to use it to hold the man underwater and drawn him. Punky grabbed the branch and pulled Mrs. Peek into the water, where she drowned.

Punky escaped and Mrs. Peek's body was recovered sometime later.


  • According to Fluffy's collar, Mrs. Peek's address was 19226 Lily Place.
  • Mrs. Peek's husband was apparently named Perry. It is not known if he is alive or deceased, or if he and Mrs. Peek were divorced.