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Mrs. Limpp was the mother of the criminal known as Flyface. She was an older, stout woman with light hair. She apparently shared her son's poor hygiene habits and consequently had flies buzzing around her face and head at all times.

Earlier in her life, Mrs. Limpp had owned a successful beauty preparation business. This enabled her to have her son educated by private tutors. She later sold her business, and Flyface entered public school. As a teenager, Flyface met and befriended the criminal known as Willie the Fifth and turned to a life of crime. Mrs. Limpp held onto the belief that her son could be reformed, even after Flyface shot a man and served a prison term.

Mrs. Limpp's Fugitive Son[]

After Flyface had helped Willie the Fifth abduct Lizz and Dick Tracy, he became the subject of a police manhunt. The TV host Matty Munkie provided the police with Mrs. Limpp's address, which he had because she had appeared on his program years earlier to encourage her son to surrender to police. Tracy and Lizz (who had escaped from the gang) went to interview Mrs. Limpp along with Sam Catchem.

Unbeknownst to the police, the fugitive Flyface had contacted his mother and asked her to provide him with a new set of clothes. Mrs. Limpp did not reveal this to the police, but Tracy suspected that she had been in contact with her son. Tracy followed Mrs. Limpp as she went to meet Flyface. Mrs. Limpp convinced Flyface not to return to his criminal associates and to have Christmas dinner with her and "Little Doc", Flyface's nephew. Dick Tracy observed this and decided not to interfere with the family reunion, though he kept the Limpps under surveillance.

The appeal of family and home life had an affect on Flyface, and he was prepared to renounce his criminal dealings when he was abducted by agents of Willie the Fifth. Mrs. Limpp held one of the criminals at gunpoint, but the other was able to escape with Flyface. She called the police and Dick Tracy arrived to take the gang member into custody. Mrs. Limpp confessed that she had lied about not knowing Flyface's whereabouts, and that the gun she had used was her nephew's water pistol.


Mrs. Limpp in 2019

Mrs. Limpp was still alive years later when "Little Doc" made an attempt on Dick Tracy's life. She was apparently unaware of Doc's criminal activities. At this time, she was not shown to be surrounded by flies.


  • "Little Doc" was said to be Mrs. Limpp's grandson, the son of Flyface's sister. He did not live with Mrs. Limpp but visited her every day. Mrs. Limpp's daughter was not present at the family's Christmas dinner for unknown reasons.
  • The identity and status of Flyface's father is also unknown.