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Mrs. Jenkins was a widow who lived in Dick Tracy's city. She had dark curly hair.

Mr.s Jenkins' husband had died and she raised her son Bud on her own. She had a job in a manufacturing plant that made materials devoted to the United States' war effort.

When Bud met the fugitive Flattop, he invited the criminal to take up residence in a spare room in the Jenkins' home. Mrs. Jenkins agreed to let Flattop stay, unaware that he was wanted by the police.

Flattop hid a cache of money in the Jenkins family photo album. When Bud drowned, Dick Tracy approached Mrs. Jenkins in a effort to learn how Bud had obtained the large bills that he had been spending around town. Tracy and some officers discovered Flattop's hidden money. When questioned about it, Mrs. Jenkins concluded that it must have come from her roomer. Flattop fled the Jenkins home before he could be captured.