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The wife of A.B. Helmet (full name unrevealed) was a former singer and an old lover of 88 Keyes.

Character Biography[]

Shortly after she married the millionaire A.B. Helmet, Mrs. Helmet hired 88 Keyes and his accomplices to kill her new husband, agreeing to pay them $1,000 each. Upon her husband's death, Mrs. Helmet received a life insurance settlement of $200,000.

After killing his accomplice Jinny Lynn, Keyes met up with Mrs. Helmet and the pair fled west. After two days of driving without rest, Mrs. Helmet fell asleep at a railroad crossing near Pawnee, Oklahoma. 88 then left the widow in her car to be struck and killed by a passing train.


  • Mrs. Helmet received a sizable insurance payment upon her husband's death, but no mention was made of her inheriting his estate.