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Mrs. Green was a young mother who "rented" her infant son to Dewdrop and Sticks Hepbeat so that the couple could deceive Dewdrop's wealthy father into believing that the baby was theirs.

Mrs. Green was an attractive young woman with light hair and intense features.

The Baby in the Tree[]

Mrs. Green would hide the baby in a hollow tree outside the city where Dewdrop would collect him and later return him.

The baby was discovered and Mrs. Green was arrested. She refused to explain the reason the left the baby in the tree, and received a psychological evaluation. Mrs. Green was determined to be mentally sound and was charged with child abandonment. A judge found her guilty and sentenced to her either one year in jail or a $300 fine.

Sticks paid the fine and Mrs. Green was released from jail. By this time, Dewdrop had killed her father (making the death seem like natural causes) and was waiting for her inheritance to clear probate. Mrs. Green insisted on being paid the $10,000 that Dewdrop had promised her, but Dewdrop did not yet have the money.

Now living in Richy Mansion as the baby's "nurse", Mrs. Green obtained evidence of Dewdrop's role in her father's death and used it in an attempt to blackmail Dewdrop and Sticks. Sticks struck her over the head with a blunt instrument. Believing the had killed her, Sticks and Dewdrop sealed Mrs. Green's body in a bass drum and prepared to remove it from the Richy Mansion. While they were out of the room, Mrs. Green revived and replaced her body in the drum with heavy books and other items to simulate her weight.

Mrs. Green then recovered her baby and fled to the police, telling them everything.


  • MrsGreenRG
    When questioned by police, Mrs. Green claimed that her baby's father had abandoned them and that she worked at a laundry. It is unclear how much (if any) of her claims were true.
  • There is no apparent connection between Mrs. Green and Mrs. Green.