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Mrs. Brown was a woman who lived in Dick Tracy's city. She had light hair.

Mrs. Brown was expecting a child in February of 1964. A heavy snowfall inhibited transportation when she went into labor. Her husband attempted to pull her to a hospital on a sled, but the exertion proved to be too much for him and he suffered a fatal heart attack. Mrs. Brown was stranded and alone in the snow.

Moon Maid, the recently-arrived visitor to Earth, was fleeing the hospital (where she had been held in protective custody) when she discovered Mrs. Brown. Moon Maid used her heat-generating ability to warm Mrs. Brown, who soon gave birth. Moon Maid kept Mrs. Brown and the baby warm until they could be rescued, but the effort seriously depleted Moon Maid's strength.

Mrs. Brown and her baby recovered and she was grateful to Moon Maid.


  • Mrs. Brown's baby was never identified as a girl or boy.
  • A character named George Brown had appeared in the strip during the previous year, but it was not stated if there was any relation between him and Mrs. Brown.