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Mrs. Barley was the wife of Marvin Barley and the mother of Homer and Mary Barley. She had light hair that she wore short.

After her husband was killed, Mrs. Barley was approached by police and informed of what had happened. She cooperated with their efforts to learn more about Marvin's criminal activities, and tried to convince her rebellious son to do the same.

Later, when Homer fled from home and was presumed killed, Mrs. Barley was despondent. She was relieved when Homer was found alive.

Mrs. Barley and her children fell on hard times financially. She approved of her son's effort to find a cache of stolen money to collect a reward, but was displeased when she learned that he had attempted to hide the money and recover it later.

Framed for Arson[]

Mrs. Barley's financial woes continued, and she eventually took a job as a maid in a run-down hotel. One day as she was sweeping, her broom set off incendiary devices that had been planted among the trash in the building. Mrs. Barley was briefly suspected of arson, but she aided police in their investigation and suspicion eventually fell on Wallace I. Pike, the owner of the building.