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"Mr. Roboto" was the name used by a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He wore a large robotic mask over his head to disguise his features. He claimed that he had a job in a warehouse in his civilian identity.

Mr. Roboto and his small gang robbed several payroll companies throughout the city. During the course of one robbery the engaged in an armed stand-off with Dick Tracy and the police. Roboto had a member of his gang pose as a hostage, which enabled Roboto and the remaining members of the gang to escape.

In his civilian identity, Mr. Roboto attended the stage adaptation of the film Metropolis being performed at the Patterson Playhouse. He became enamored of Mysta Chimera's performance as the robotic character Futura. Roboto abducted Mysta and he held her captive (in her costume), hoping to develop a romantic relationship.

Roboto left Mysta unattended while he went to commit his next robbery. She was able to escape and tracked him to the scene of his crime, where she used her stun powers on his associates. Roboto attempted to escape but was stopped by Dick Tracy.

Shortly thereafter, Mysta met the musician Dennis DeYoung, and (due to a miscommunication) briefly mistook him for Mr. Roboto.


Mr. Roboto unmasked?


  • While not explicitly stated in he strip, it was heavily implied that the unnamed dark-haired theater-goer who became enraptured by Mysta's performance in Metropolis was Mr. Roboto in his civilian identity.
  • Early in his storyline, Mr. Roboto referred to an associate named Edison Lighthouse, with whom he apparently had a romantic connection. This relationship was not explored in the strip beyond the one mention. A woman named Edison was later revealed to be an associate of Shaky II.
  • The appearance of Mr. Roboto's mask was inspired by the robot characters shown on the cover of the rock opera album Kilroy Was Here by the band Styx. One song on the album is entitled "Mr. Roboto", and the lyrics were referenced in the storyline.