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Mr. Richy (first name unrevealed) was the wealthy father of Dewdrop.

Mr. Richy disapproved of his daughter's marriage to Sticks Hepbeat, a musician, and removed her from his will. When Dewdrop lied to her father that she had had a son, Mr. Richy warmed to her and allowed her to re-enter his life on the condition that she bring her son to visit him.

Dewdrop and her husband then engaged in an elaborate scheme to "rent" a baby boy from Mrs. Green, a single mother. Dewdrop brought the baby on visits to her father's estate, pleasing the ailing Mr. Richy. Richy changed his will to leave Dewdrop a considerable inheritance. 

Now assured of her inheritance and fearing that the deception could be discovered, Dewdrop smothered her father with a pillow. Dewdrop's murder of her father was later proven and she served a significant term in prison.