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The man known as Mr. Memory was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was a heavyset man with brown hair. He wore a short beard along his jawline. Mr. Memory kept an owl called Walter as a pet.

Some time ago, Mr. Memory had masterminded a scheme to abduct some ambassadors. He was stopped by Dick Tracy and was sentenced to prison. While he was in prison, he volunteered for an experimental procedure that implanted computer chips in his fingertips. He was an exemplary inmate and his sentence was eventually reduced significantly.

Upon re-entering society, Mr. Memory used a pair of eyeglasses that allowed him to control the minds of victims. He used these glasses for petty theft (such as robbing people at ATMs) before moving on to a more grandiose scheme.

Mr. Memory had taken up residence in a run-down home that was in or near Sunny Dell Acres, which brought him into contact with B.O. Plenty. B.O. and Gravel Gertie took a liking to Mr. Memory, though Walter the owl scratched B.O.'s face on several occasions.

Mr. Memory was able to drain several banks' holdings electronically, which brought his activities to Dick Tracy's attention. Tracy confronted Mr. Memory at his home while Mr. Memory was entertaining the Plentys. He attempted to flee on a motorcycle, but he crashed and was injured. He was then taken into police custody.


  • Mr. Memory is a character from the little-seen pilot for the 1967 live-action Dick Tracy TV series. In that episode, he was played by Victor Buono (who had previously played King Tut on the Batman TV series).
  • Like some of the other characters who have been brought brought into the Dick Tracy comic strip from other media, Mr. Memory's backstory seems to be the same as it was in the TV pilot.
  • In the TV pilot episode, Mr. Memory's abilities were revealed to be the result of a transmitter linked to implants in his head. Tracy disabled the transmitter with a tape recording of a radio signal.