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Quincy Magoo
Mr. Magoo (left), with Dick Tracy

First Appearance:

1949 (in films)
December 18th, 2015 (in Dick Tracy)

Created By:

Millard Kaufman
John Hubley
Willis Pyle

Quincy Magoo was a wealthy semi-retired actor. He was bald and extremely near-sighted.

An Old Friend of Tracy[]

In the past, Magoo had starred in a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' story A Christmas Carol that had been specifically written for him. When the Patterson Playhouse staged a production of the show starring Vitamin Flintheart, Magoo attended and encountered Dick Tracy.

Magoo and Tracy had met previously, and Magoo inquired about the fate of a criminal known as Squinty Eyes, whom Magoo resembled. Tracy assured Magoo that Squinty Eyes had been captured.

Appearances in Other Media[]

1960s Television Animation[]


Mr. Magoo was the main character in a series of TV specials entitled The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo produced by UPA animation in the 1960s.These specials placed Magoo in famous historical settings or in well-known works of literature and drama. He was voiced by actor Jim Backus.

In the episode "Dick Tracy and the Mob", Mr. Magoo was recruited by Dick Tracy to impersonate a criminal known as Squinty Eyes and infiltrate a gang of Tracy's rogues (being led by Pruneface). Despite his limited vision, Magoo succeeded through ingenuity and luck.


  • Mr. Magoo was created by the UPA animation studio for a series of film shorts. He first appeared on screens in 1949. Subsequent shorts received several Academy Awards and nominations.
  • In the 1960s, UPA adapted Mr. Magoo for television. The studio also produced the Dick Tracy cartoon show, and the Mr. Magoo episode "Dick Tracy and the Mob" used the same character models and voice talent (though not always for the same characters).
  • Mr. Magoo also appeared as a newspaper comic strip.
  • Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol was the first animated Christmas special produced for television.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, when Mr. Magoo appeared in the Dick Tracy comic strip in 2015, he was only shown in silhouette and only addressed by his first name.
  • Mr. Magoo has several known relatives including his nephew Waldo (which would also indicate that he has at least 1 sibling), his mother Linda, and his uncle Tycoon, but their existence has not been confirmed in the Dick Tracy comic strip.
  • Go-Go Gomez made his first appearances in the 1960 Mr. Magoo episodes "Requiem for a Bull" and "Fuel in the Sun", one year prior to the debut of The Dick Tracy Show. He was voiced by Mel Blanc in the episodes, but was voiced by Paul Frees in his later appearances.