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Mr. Kroywen was a wealthy resident of Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair and a moustache and wore eyeglasses.

Kroywen had made his fortune from rubber plantations in South America. He was aware that many babies died from a sleeping sickness in those regions, and he became determined to develop a cure.

Kroywen's Opportunity[]

Mr. Kroywen's adult son Kress married Toby Townley despite Mr. Kroywen's objections. Kress then went to South America to work on one of his father's plantations, leaving Toby in the family home. When Kress left, he was unaware that Toby was expecting their first child.

When Toby gave birth, Mr. Kroywen saw the opportunity to use the baby as a test subject for his experimental serum. Toby feared for her baby's safety and abandoned him in such a way that he would be found by Dick Tracy.

By this time, Kress had learned of the birth of his child and returned from South America. The story of the abandoned baby was reported in the local newspapers, where Kress and his father read about it. They then went to police headquarters to claim the child.

To Kress' surprise, Mr. Kroywen drew a gun and held his son and the police officers at bay while he escaped with the baby. Kroywen fled to his secret laboratory where he injected the baby with a dose of the sleeping sickness culture. Before he could administer the experimental cure, he was confronted by Dick Tracy. The two men struggled and the container containing the cure was broken. Tracy knocked Kroywen to the floor, where he struck his head on the leg of an overturned table. Kroywen's assistant Ned tended to him, but he soon announced that Kroywen was dead.



Dick Tracy was able to reproduce the experiment serum and administer it to the baby. The serum worked and the baby recovered. And autopsy revealed that Kroywen had suffered from a heart condition, and he had not died from the blow to his head. Tracy was not held responsible for the death of Mr. Kroywen.


  • Kroywen had reportedly studied medicine as a young man, but he was not officially a doctor.