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Mr. Jade (first name unrevealed) was the father of Chet Jade. At the time of his encounter with Dick Tracy, Mr. Jade was elderly, bald-headed, and emaciated.

In 1918, Jade had operated a nursery in Dick Tracy's city with a business partner named Jake Smitz. The two men argued over the future of the business. Smitz menaced Jade with a knife, and Jade shot Smitz in the head in self-defense. Jade then had his 10-year-old son Chet help him to seal the corpse of Smitz in a tree on the nursery property.

Jade then went into hiding in the attic of the Jade house. He remained there for 46 years, having faked his death. The body of Smitz was discovered in 1964, leading the police to investigate the Jade residence. Mr. Jade (who was now elderly and living on a diet of baby food) attempted to divert the police, but his presence was discovered.

Jade confessed to his deeds, then died. His son was not implicated in the killing of Smitz.


  • There was no apparent connection between Mr. Jade and his family and Jade the jewelry dealer.

Young Mr. Jade, with Jake Smitz