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Mr. Cherssin was the security chief for the Circling Bros. Circus. He was bald and wore eyeglasses. He sometimes smoked cigars and wore dark glasses and a hat.

When Dick Tracy was attempting to learn the identity of Haf-and-Haf, he circulated fliers with a photo of the suspect. Cherssin saw one these fliers and recognized Haf-and-Haf as a former employee of the circus. He brought the suspect's identity to Dick Tracy's attention, and he informed Tracy of the reason for Haf-and-Haf's unusual appearance.

Cherssin joined Tracy when Tracy and the police attempted to arrest Haf-and-Haf at the circus. They were delayed when Haf-and-Haf abducted Zelda the high-diver, then faked his own death in a small airplane crash.

Cherssin continued to work with Tracy in investigating Haf-and-Haf's past in the hopes of gaining some clue to the villain's whereabouts. Cherssin accompanied Tracy to the site of Haf-and-Haf's childhood home, then later to the home of Kora Steel, where Haf-and-Haf had been in hiding.

Tracy and Cherssin tracked Haf-and-Haf using Air Cars, with the help of Mrs. Steel's bloodhound Lafitte. Cherssin was present when Haf-and-Haf was arrested while in the office of Haf-and-Haf's associate Palm Bucker, a fraudulent fortune teller.


  • Mr. Cherssin was apparently a civilian. His presence during several instances of police business (which included significant physical danger) was not explained.