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Richard Bonhomme, alias Mr. Bones, was a killer hired by Ace of Spades II to eliminate Dick Tracy. Bones had large, wide-set eyes, dark hair, and a high forehead.

Mr. Bones shared Blackjack's obsession with Dick Tracy, and had an extensive collection of Tracy-related merchandise. After being hired by Ace of Spades, Bones attended the Dick Tracy exhibit at the Gould Library where he encountered Blackjack. Bones to revealed to Blackjack that he was now in possession of Blackjack's Dick Tracy collection, which had recently been stolen from a storage unit.

Bones offered to return Blackjack's collection to him, and he met Blackjack in a secluded shack. Bones betrayed Blackjack and tied him up. Bones believed that Tracy would not suspicious of Blackjack, so Bones impersonated Blackjack and arranged a meeting with Tracy in a remote wooded area. At the meeting, Bones attacked Tracy and the two men fought.

Bones was wearing a Wrist Wizard from Blackjack's collection and it was damaged in the fight. The Wrist Wizard exploded (as it was an out-of-date model with a faulty battery), and the blast knocked Bones over a cliff. He was killed in the fall.


  • In his first appearance in a Sunday strip (which are colored by the creative team), Mr. Bones had a tan complexion. In daily strips (which are colored by third parties), his skin tone has been more pallid.
  • Bones told Blackjack that he had taken possession of Blackjack's Dick Tracy collection. It was not explicitly stated that he had personally stolen it.
  • Mr. Bones has the distinction of being the first "grotesque" created for the strip by artist Shelley Pleger.