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Mr. Atlis was the successful owner of a brick factory in (or near) Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair and an avuncular demeanor

Atlis was a member of the board of the Boys Club that had been taken over by George Alpha (secretly the underworld figure known as "Mr. Crime") after the disappearance of Judge Lava. Atlis left the day-to-day business of operating (and eventually closing) the club to Alpha. He seemed surprised to learn that it had been converted to a criminal headquarters.


  • It is unclear if Mr. Atlis was a member of Mr. Crime's criminal organization. He seemed to be genuinely surprised to learn about the fate of the Boys' Club.
  • Ambiguity in the artwork and dialogue make is seem like Mr. Atlis and Alderman Smithers' names are swapped when they are first introduced to Dick Tracy. A later panel confirms their identities when Alderman Smithers refers to Mr. Atlis.